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We help Business Owners expand  their physical presence through painless T.I.s and New Construction

Home Owners

We help Home Owners create a healthy safe haven, surrounded by healthy food through a Holistic approach and Integrated Site Planning

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We help Entrepreneurs and Visionaries organize their thoughts, breath life to their visions so they can start the capital/fund raising step


“…Daphne was very efficient with her time to review the situations and codes to come up with solutions that provided cost effective construction costs, while satisfying the building authorities. She was very timely with her work, and has excellent follow through and communication.

I would definitely recommend Daphne as a highly qualified architect, and will use her again as needs arise.”

Gary Hall

Director of Operations, Atterdag Village of Solvang

“…Daphne was a keen listener and quickly grasped the intent and nature of the project, as well as the challenges we faced with the City. As we have moved through the permitting process, Daphne has demonstrated excellent knowledge of the process and has provided sound
guidance for us while being an attuned representative of our needs and of the project. I have been equally impressed with Daphne’s architectural plans, which she produces in a timely fashion, and are both beautiful to look at and reflect a thoughtful and skilled approach.”

Ben Werner

“Over the course of the 22 years that I have known Daphne, I have been impressed by her work ethic and ability to solve any problems that arise. Integrating Permaculture into her practice exemplifies her vision of being at the forefront of functional and sustainable architecture. She is hard‐working, detail‐oriented, and consummately professional. I highly recommend her.”

Glenn Lutz


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Who we are

Architecture and Beyond

We are a full service Architecture & Design firm that focuses on health by incorporating natural materials and integrated Site Design and Planing in all projects.

What we Do

Comprehensive Design

Through our comprehensive approach we blend the complexities and subtle aesthetics of Architecture with commonsense and efficient solutions to deliver integrated & complete systems for Living.

By teaming with other professionals, experts in their fields, we design interior and exterior spaces that nurture the Spirit through functionality, quality and aesthetics.



Faith Landing

Caldwell, Idaho


Podium Style

Garden City, ID


New Residence

Santa Barbara, CA



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Structural Engineering within the Natural Materials World

Interview with Anthony Dente of Verdant Structural Engineers   What is the most exciting aspect of working with natural materials and what may be considered traditional building methods? It's fun. I mean, it's exciting. It's always exciting to work on a project...

Pre-Manufactured Hempcrete

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